Stop the Killings in the Philippines!

14 September 2020: Global Day of Action for the Philippines

On this Global Day of Action for the Philippines, we stand with our partner KARAPATAN and other organisations as we take part in their call to put an end to the killings of Filipino human rights defenders.

In June 2020, the UN Human Rights office published a report on the systematic human rights violations and the persistent impunity in the Philippines. The focus on countering national security threats and illegal drugs has resulted in serious human rights violations, including killings, arbitrary detentions and the vilification of any kind of dissent. Over the past 5 years, numerous human rights defenders have been killed.

Weeks after the release of the report, the human rights situation in the Philippines has taken a turn for the worse. In the first week of July, President Duterte signed the Anti-Terror act that is seen as a measure that will only aggravate the attacks and vilification of human rights defenders and civil society. In August, two human rights defenders, Randall Enchanis and Zara Alvarez (KARAPATAN), were killed within only a week.

The attacks need to stop!

With the 45th session of the Human Rights Council starting today, we call on the HRC to exercise its mandate and to ugrently create an independent and impartial investigative mechanism on the rampant extrajudicial killings and human rights violations in the Philippines.

This must happen before we loose another Randal Enchanis, another Zara Alvarez, another human rights defender to these cruel, widespread and systematic violations…

If you want to take action yourself, here is how you can do it:
1. Take a picture of yourself carrying a sign with our claims on it (“Stop the killings”, “UN Human Rights Council, investigate the human rights situation in the Philippines!”)
2. Post it on social media using the hashtags #StopTheKillingsPH #HRC45

Stop the killings now!

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