Webinar: COP26 – Experiences and Reflections


Date & Time: 25 November 2021, 12:15pm
In English


COP26 in Glasgow ended more than a week ago with results that can be interpreted in different ways. But the UN Climate Change Conference was not just about representatives of different countries, presidents and delegates meeting and discussing the future of this planet, it was also about civil society taking to the streets to protest and alternative events such as panel discussions, workshops and film screenings. Officials promised that this year’s COP would be the most inclusive in history. Was this promise fulfilled? Or was it actually the most exclusive climate conference in history, as Greta Thunberg noted?


In this webinar we will reflect on COP26, focusing not only on the outcome but also on the different levels of experience. 4 panellists will give their different points of view: What is the perspective of a young activist? What was the conference like for a representative of an indigenous community who did not even have access to the official event? Did the city of Glasgow also experience COP26 or was it an event held exclusively in a conference centre that was not connected to the city at all? What was it like to organise an official side event and try to lobby politicians as a representative of an NGO?


– Selma Vincent, Youth for Climate Luxembourg
– Beverly Longid, International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL)
– Birgit Engel, Co-Coordinator of Climate Alliance Luxembourg at ASTM
– Cédric Reichel, Co-Coordinator of Climate Alliance Luxembourg at ASTM

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