Webinar: No Profits on Pandemic

How to ensure equal access to COVID-19 vaccines for all

Date & Time: 13 July 2021, 12:30 – 13:30 PM
In English

No one is safe until everyone has access to safe and effective treatments and vaccines against COVID-19. This statement was expressed by experts and politicians on many occasions since the first vaccines have been in development. Yet, today, big pharmaceutical companies are putting humanity at risk by monopolising their research, curbing production and increasing the price of vaccines.
As a result, 90% of people in the lowest income countries are unlikely to receive a vaccine in the next year. To prevent this, a broad European coalition of trade unions, NGOs and associations, student movements and health experts have launched a European Citizens’ Initiative. Its aim is to call on the European Commission to take action to make vaccines and pandemic treatments a global public good, freely accessible to all and protected from private profiteering.

This webinar wants to address the question of patent waivers, exploring the role of the TRIPS Council of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Who dictates the rules on patents and trade of goods, including medicines and vaccines? What is the position of the EU Commission and the EU parliament on this issue? What are the limits of waiving the patents? How do multinational pharmaceutical companies profit from public funds? How could the vaccines be distributed more equally?

Mr. Joshua San Pedro will give further insights on the specific situation in the Philippines, the current distribution and availability of vaccines and the position of the Philippine government on the TRIPS waiver.

– Antoni Montserrat Moliner
Former Senior Expert on Cancer and Rare diseases, European Commission. Member of Luxembourg Comité National Maladies Rares. He was responsible for the policies on rare diseases and cancer at the Public Health Directorate of the European Commission from 2004 to 2017, where he initiated the Commission’s communication and the Council’s recommendations on rare diseases and their implementation in different areas.

– Joshua San Pedro
Dr. Joshua San Pedro is a graduate of both Anthropology and Medicine from the University of the Philippines. He is a co-convenor of the Coalition for People’s Right to Health Philippines and a community physician for the Council for Health and Development, working with community-based health programs across the Philippines.

– Antoniya Argirova
Advocacy coordinator at Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM)

Facilitation: Cédric Reichel (ASTM)


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